August 17, 2012

VA - Beats 5 [2012]

AbnormL Injustice - On Swoll
Booty Thrill - Give Me Love
Booty Thrill - U Turn Me On (ft. @LILTEXAS_)
Cole Blunted - Sellin Candy
Dan Electro - He Gives It To You
David Bocuse - We Make Music
deeB - Blik
Diggs Duke - Something in my Soul
DJ Mentos - Yesterday's Gone (instrumental)
Falside - Street Lights and Knife Fights
Forrest Blunt - Champ
Frenic - Lazy Sunday Stereo
Funky Force - Funky Lover
Hiatus - Gentle Flame
Insightful - Stellar Stare
J Dilla - Requiem With Allan Barnes(Blackbyrds)
Krutty Ranks - Summer Static
KuroiOto - Thursday Friday
Mista 93 - Problems
Nym - Exposition
Prose (Steady & Efeks) - Run For The Hills
Scruffnuk Dust - No one!
Simon Jr. - Risky Business
Suhov - Písz van a tatamin (Instrumental)
TiredEyes - Cosmic Echoes
tunnelno5 - Best Believe
Warren Xclnce - Judgment Day



One of the artists featured on here is Cole Blunted, who is producer/mc from Warsaw, Poland . Should also check out the rest of his work!

an album from Cole Blunted is available here...


  1. Thanks for the support!
    dj mentos


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