June 23, 2012

VA - Beats 4 [2012]

My bad, I haven't been updating the hip hop and beats stuff. So I threw in few extra than usual.

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Beats 4 (Compiled by: Genghis)
Genre: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Instrumental
Year: 2012

Action Davis - Rehab.mp3
Aeronautix - Veda Noir (Astroboter & Kabanjak Remix).mp3
Afro Jazz - Mystik (Instrumental)
Anitek - Chewie
Avatar - Error 404.mp3
Basement Skylights - KillingFields
Billy Wright - Summer Love (Beyond There Remix)
Blossom - Tiffkas
BoomBaptist - Brazilian Wax.mp3
Brock Berrigan - Cruise Control.mp3
Buckshot LeFonque - Breakfast At Denny's (Instrumental)
DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Little Piano
Earth, Wind, & Fire - On Your Face (Olek Remix)
Eddie - Late Autumn
Fisto - Friandises (Instrumental)
Groove Cereal -Sound Breakfast(ft)Jenova 7 And Andrew Linn
Hexsagon - Enlightenment
King Zigg Zag - Funk You (Chickenheadz).mp3
Luke B - All or Nothing.mp3
NickNack - Nobody Else.mp3
Pill - Send One Down (Instrumental)
Presto - The Chase.mp3
Protassov - Wake Up.mp3
Savages - You're My Chocolate
Shag - Better
Tarik Sabar - Brand New.mp3
Tensei - Out Of Bounds (Instrumental)
The Allergies - Big Star.mp3
The Jazzual Suspects - Ba Dada
Thomas Prime - The Moon's Tide
Travelling Day - Good Day For a Travelling.mp3
Triz - I Want Your Love.mp3
Vanilla - Believe.mp3
Visioneers - LuAnne From Harlem
Zomblaze - Lovizoke

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  1. yo bro verify your link for the firt part on mediafire


  2. Dope! Keep up the good work bro.

  3. Great selection! Found you via http://www.reddit.com/r/triphop/comments/wg4zv/if_you_like_triphop_youre_probably_gonna_love/

    1. THANKS MAN! appreciate the feedback and where how you found the site as well.


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