June 23, 2012

VA - Beats 4 [2012]

My bad, I haven't been updating the hip hop and beats stuff. So I threw in few extra than usual.

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Beats 4 (Compiled by: Genghis)
Genre: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Instrumental
Year: 2012

Action Davis - Rehab.mp3
Aeronautix - Veda Noir (Astroboter & Kabanjak Remix).mp3
Afro Jazz - Mystik (Instrumental)
Anitek - Chewie
Avatar - Error 404.mp3
Basement Skylights - KillingFields
Billy Wright - Summer Love (Beyond There Remix)
Blossom - Tiffkas
BoomBaptist - Brazilian Wax.mp3
Brock Berrigan - Cruise Control.mp3
Buckshot LeFonque - Breakfast At Denny's (Instrumental)
DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Little Piano
Earth, Wind, & Fire - On Your Face (Olek Remix)
Eddie - Late Autumn
Fisto - Friandises (Instrumental)
Groove Cereal -Sound Breakfast(ft)Jenova 7 And Andrew Linn
Hexsagon - Enlightenment
King Zigg Zag - Funk You (Chickenheadz).mp3
Luke B - All or Nothing.mp3
NickNack - Nobody Else.mp3
Pill - Send One Down (Instrumental)
Presto - The Chase.mp3
Protassov - Wake Up.mp3
Savages - You're My Chocolate
Shag - Better
Tarik Sabar - Brand New.mp3
Tensei - Out Of Bounds (Instrumental)
The Allergies - Big Star.mp3
The Jazzual Suspects - Ba Dada
Thomas Prime - The Moon's Tide
Travelling Day - Good Day For a Travelling.mp3
Triz - I Want Your Love.mp3
Vanilla - Believe.mp3
Visioneers - LuAnne From Harlem
Zomblaze - Lovizoke

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June 13, 2012

July 14th 2012 - Good Vibez BBoy Jam 3v3 $4500 & $500 Cypher King - DJs Lu-Chi'sz & Fleg (Cincinnati, OH)

Bboyin is something I'm glad to be apart of. It has most definitely impacted my life in so many ways. So I try expand and share this culture that I love to others as much as I can. I do so through inspiration, throwing jams, diggin, sharing music, teaching, providing practice and all kinds of things. I most definitely train hard as well, and I believe everyone gets to a point where their love and understanding for the culture grows and training becomes second nature to them. You can train as hard want but what are you training for? The less understanding of the culture the more likely you're going to quit. Less excuses....Stay training, stay learning and most importantly give back to the community! It's a on going cycle. This is how scene and community grows.


This is an event I am help organizing. Threw one last year and this is going to be the 2nd. It's a lil something I try to do for the scene. Be on the look out for more bigger jams later as well.

 You can go to the facebook event page here.

WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2012 (3pm-12am)
WHERE: Cincinnati Mills Mall
        600 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240

3 vs 3 Battles for $4500 Cash
Cypher King for $500 Cash

Dj Fleg - Lionz of Zion (Washington D.C.)
Dj Lu-chi'sz - EXG (Holland)

Mijo - Motion Disorderz (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Domkey - Lionz of Zion (Washington D.C)
Atsuki - Team Naruto (Japan)

Exhibition Battle:
(USA) Domkey and Isaiah of Lionz of Zion vs (JPN) Atsuki and Assassin of Team Naruto. Japan formerly Kaiten Ninjas 

The After Party will start around 10PM till at least 2AM at a brand new club in the mall called "Place To Be". I will update again once it gets closer to the opening date. The General Manager of the new club being built at the mall says it's huge and it's gonna be open June 22nd. The crew and I will be doing exhibition battles and passing out flyers for the jam at their opening night, along with other known clubs throughout our city to build up momentum for our jam on July 14th. The current space used to be a club and was the most packed club in Cincinnati years ago. The new owners are gonna make it more packed than it ever was before. It's gonna be crazy.

Also StrifeTV will be in the building!! http://www.youtube.com/user/strifetv

Bigger Payouts!
Better Prizes, 
More vendors, and sponsors!

There are nice hotels and places to eat within walking distance all in and around the mall.

Those who are interested in a special trip the 15th, Stay Tuned for Updates!

Bring family and friends to help support the community as a whole.

For those coming from out of town to the Cincinnati area here's some things you can do if planning on make a weekend trip to the area or just looking for stuff to do if you have extra time before or after the jam:

1. We have Paramount King's Island which has some the craziest rollercoasters in America and if enough people plan on going let us know and we can probably work with Kings Island to get everyone cheap group rates. Here's their site check it out it's pretty crazy http://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/thrill-rides

2. As for food Cincinnati's known for Cheese Coneys so check out a Skyline or Gold Star Chili you can find them all over the city. There's even one in the mall where the jam is. http://skylinechili.com/signature.php

3. If anyone wants to try something different, since there was a big wave German immigration to Cincinnati we have Hofbrauhuas which has authentic German food and really good beer they have a giant brewer there. They take their beer very serious here check it out: http://www.hofbrauhausnewport.com/beer

4. And if you coming from outta town and wanna not eat out too much and at the same time ready for some complete randomness there's a grocery store yeah a grocery store but it's only 5 minute away pretty much on the same road as the mall and it's the biggest and also the craziest grocery store in America its so crazy its actually been on TV and became a tourist spot. They have a lot of international food, they have weird stuff like rattle snake, a hot sauce section with hundreds of hot sauces some so hot they give you a toothpick to try it.

June 1, 2012

June Breaks 2012

Check this if you haven't already!


[re-jazz] - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Acro Jazz Laboratories - There's No Way
Asher Roth - Last Man Standing (Instrumental)
Ballin' Jack - Telling Lies
Binary Star - Conquistadors (Instrumental)
Block Party Shalakers - Summer Strut
Bluesteady Triptik - Apache Footprint
BoomBaptist - Orange Soda
Bronze Nazareth - The Pain (Instrumental)
Brotha Life - The Wreck'a (Wreck Stra Mental Mix)
Chi Coltrane - Hallelujah
Cuefx Band - Cosmic Drive
De La Soul - Big Mouf
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Ahonetwo (Remix)
Diamond District - Make It Clear (Instrumental)
Freedom Or Not - Freedom (Science Force Mix)
Gota & The Low Dog - Live Wired Electro
Johnny Pulse - Load Up On Guns
Kenny Smith And The Maximum Feeling - Skunkie
Laura Vane & Vipertones - Roof Off (Instrumental)
Los Manolos vs Lack Of Afro - Polonio (Lack Of Afro remix)
Puddu Varano - Devil in N.Y.C.
Renato Ducros - Sgambetto
Rhymefest - Breakdance
Savages - Long Distances
Shawn Jackson - Backstage (Instrumental)
Side Effect - Always There
The Allergies - Symphonics
The Funk Ark - Horchata
The Jazzual Suspects - Funkin' Koobad
The Mutants - Serious Mojo
The Mutants - White Trash Trouble Man
The Sound Defects - The Fuzz
Windy City - 1-2-3 RockSteady Funk
Zomblaze - Van Jo Minden Rosszban (Genghis Edit)

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