April 1, 2012

April Breaks 2012

Strictly funk and soul. Enjoy!

Ace Cannon - Soul For Sale
Cross Bronx Expressway - Help Your Brothers
Earth, Wind, & Fire - Power
Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters - Workout
Exile 1 - Funky Crookie
Fred Leslie's Missing Link - Stick Your Beak In
Gonzalez - Funky Frith Street
Incognito - Rivers On The Sun
Jojo Lexplosif - Dig It Babe
Locomotiv GT - Rock Yourself Away
Mercy Sluts - Banana Republic
Nicole Willis - You Better Change
Olympic - Brouk
Original Tropicana Steel Band - Funky Abbey Road
Perfect Circle - The Hands Of Time
Randy Skinner - Wah
Rasputin's Stash - What's On Your Mind
Richard Terry & Company - Instrumental #
Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul (part 2)
Root Soul - Moog Rock
Sly & The Family Stone - Love City (Edit)
The Apples - Thang
The Philly Groove Orchestra - So Long Goodbye It's Over
The Sixth Sense - Don't Knock My Love
The Voices Of East Harlem - Right On Be Free
The White Russian - Outland
Third Coast Kings - Summalove (Genghis Edit)
Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - Cosmic Exotica
Young Holt Unlimited - Yes We Can Can
Zalatnay - Zold Borostyan
Zodiacs - Hey Rugh Nut

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  1. lol...i'm not sure if that's a compliment or not lol^

  2. little bit disapointed of this blog... i watch it every week but too bad that you don't digg much more underground. you just find some albums in some blogs and you keep the best, than you collect some of them and booom an upload. just sayin' don't worry.. i bet that there are many bboys who didn't know about those nu funk bbeatz. but for me this upload = 0 .

    1. I dig just about any way possible. I do dig through blogs...from soul, funk, disco, psycadelic rock, jazz. Some of the blogs are rare vinyl find rips. What exactly do you mean dig more underground? And I also dig vinyls but I most definitely won't be sharing those.

      And Nu Funk? you talkin about shit like Badboe, The Breakbeat Junkie, Fuzzbox Inc, Slynk, Featurecast? http://bac-to-music2.blogspot.com/
      I don't really like those beats too much. Aren't raw enough.

    2. Go through 50 vinyls at a record store to find few good tracks. But we also now have the convenience of finding some online, so you could get over 300 albums/vinyl rips online and go through 100 of them in no time. So you can constantly going through fresh music anytime. Diggin at the record store, dig some more at home, dig while on the road to a jam. Stay diggin. I don't be slackin.

  3. my meaning was this: digg music from 1970 ... not from 2000's and present... cuz we all know about those new releases. the real bboy breaks are in those years: 1970 and so on... everyday i check some websites also.. like israbox... after finding 2-3 albums new released, i find also in your blog. sorry for my english my grammar is a little wack. anyway man. do your job. my opinion was this: post some breaks from 1970 also... not only from 2000's till present.

    1. alright thats cool. i see what you are saying. respect the honest opinion

  4. Bro dont worry about people complaining for your Blog, they are lazy at the end as me. :).
    I came here searching 60s and 70s breaks but you do an incredible job hearing and compiling tracks, thats in other way i`ll never hear it in other way.
    Do both thing put some olders breaks, and some news. Peace, from the South of the planet