March 17, 2012

VA - The 90s Volume 2

Artists: Various
Album: The 90s: Volume 2 (Compiled by Genghis)
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2012

Buckshot LeFonque - No Pain, No Gain (Salaam Remi Remix)
Derelect Camp - Hold-On
E.T.`z (Evil Twinz) - Ray Came True
Easy Mo Bee - The Points
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - As Long As You Know (Poisonous Mix)
Encore - Think Twice
EPMD - Rampage (Hardcore To The Head Mix)
Finsta Buddy - Where Ya At
Gab Gotcha - Angels
Guru - Feel The Music
Jemini The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids
Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Pape
Jigmastas - Don't Get It Twisted(ft)Sadat X
Jungle Brothers - Brain
K- Solo - Rockin' For My Hometown
King Sun - Cold New Yorkin'
Mad Skillz - Unseen World
Max & Sam - Young Man Rumble (Smooth Phillu Style Mix)
Mister Voodoo - Hemlock
Mister Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Death Becomes You(ft)YG'z
Real Live - The Gimmicks
Royal Fam - Hidden Chambers
Royal Flush - Smoke Session(ft)Channel One & Mic Geronimo
The Beatnuts - Look Around(ft)Dead Prez, Cheryl Pepsi Riley
Troubleneck Brothers - Rockin' In Harmony
Urban Thermo Dynamics - My Kung-Fu

March 11, 2012

VA - Beats 3

Most are laid back jazzy beats.

Artist: Various Artists (Compiled by Genghis)
Album: Beats 3
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Instrumental
Year: 2012

Antifaz - Sabila
Blee - Definition of Ill
Canya Reial - Hempstar
Concept - Undefeated
Czarny Wladek - Spotkamy sie za rok
David Bocuse - Let's Make A Baby
Dela - 1 Second Time Machine
Diego Bernal - Blue Neon
DJ Concept - Let The Beat Infect Your Mind
Evan Awake - Break Free
Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca (Instrumental)
Ghost - Way You Feel
Jenova 7 - Just Chill
Juj - Floater
Mad Skillz - Together (Instrumental)
Marcus D & Funky DL - Don`t Hold Ya Breath (Instrumental)
masterclass - Love Quest
Nujabes - Blessing It (Remix Instrumental)
Oddisee - Long Time Coming (Instrumental)
Royal Fam - Hidden Chambers (Instrumental)
Smokey Bandits - Smoke From The Attic
Suhnraw - Dust
The Doppelgangaz - Skin Flute
Think Twice & David Ryshpan - Mango Tree
Yppah - Phoenix By Midnight

March 1, 2012

March Breaks 2012

All broken links are fixed. I don't know what happened to Rapidshare but it is extra slow now. So I would only go to that as a last resort.

Afro Soultet - Afrodesia
Alamo - Get The Feelin'
Andy Taylor - Know Your Place
B Stroller - Design
Bixiga 70 - Balboa Dub
Bjame Rostvold And Perry Knudsed - Magonde
Blue Rhythm Combo - BRC's Groove
Buck 65 - Lipstick (Instrumental)
Cortex - Mister J.mp3
Crookram - Biggles
Divine Styler - Time Fold 79 (Instrumental)
Elephant Armada - Third World Utopia (DJ Mighty Moves B-boy Edit)
EN-KI - Extinction (Extended Edit)
Hiroshi Fukumura & Sadao Watanabe - Captain Caribe
MFS Brother - Vitamin C
Mombasa - Yenyeri
Mr. Chop - Brainticket
Mr. President - It's Christmas Time (Genghis Edit)
MRR-ADM & Malcolm Catto - 012
Omar Rokshid - N'Break (DJ Marrrtin Edit)
Preston Love - Pot Likker
Roman Andren - You Can Do It
S.O.U.L. - Get Ready
Soft Lipa & Jabber Loop - 鑽牙者(Genghis Edit)
The Beekeepers - Queen Bee (Genghis Edit)
The East Coast Connection - Summer In The Parks
The Narcoleptics Dancers - In The Dark (Genghis Edit)
The Third Degree - Mercy (Greg Wilson Edit)
Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - The Claydon Break
Wake&Bake! - Agent's Stagger

DOWNLOAD(Sharebeast 1of2) (2of2) [NOTE:divided since Mediafire has 200mb limit]
DOWNLOAD(Mediafire 1of2) (2of2) [NOTE:divided since Mediafire has 200mb limit]

I had one of Mighty Moves tracks on my post, yall should check out his other works. Dope!