December 27, 2012

VA - Beats 7 [2012]

Alkota - Tomorrow
AltAir - Elevator Vision
Ancient Astronauts - Oblivion (Make Remix Instrumental)
Anton - Daam
Arts The Beatdoctor - Decreasing Daylight
Boogie Belgique - The Getaway
Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson - By My Side
Cunninlynguists - Since When (Instrumental)
deeB - Blik
Fat Jon - Intellect Bombs (To Save You)
Figub Brazlevič - Come Get Some
Ju-Ar - Empty
Kill Emil - Lonely Groove
Low Kick - Hieves Hit
mikedecline - Roadside Assistance
MumboJumbo - Snap Crackle
NAGchampa - Ganja Break
Nom.De.Plume. - Nature
Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest (Sax Version)
Poldoore - Providence
Pstgrd - Showtime
Quakers - Chucky Balboa (Instrumental)
Qwel & Maker - Letting Life Pass By (Instrumental)
Ra-San - MoodyGarden
Robot Orchestra - Sunday at the Park
Sumeo - Night Flight
THEGNTLMN - Take me with you
Thurge - Krystal Kleer
Toetensen - Mescal Springs (Under My Skin)
Vapor Eyes - Nite People


December 4, 2012

December Breaks 2012

Aggression -  Tag
Beyond Comprehension - Rhythm (Instrumental)
Bop Skizzum - Coloradical
DBC - Hit The Boomz (Instrumental)
Diazpora - Funk Ain't Sitcom
Diazpora - New Beginning
Dj Nail - Chhailla Action
Dj Nail - The Acid Insurgent
DJ Oil - P.O. Box
DJ Shadow - Fast Rap Fanfare
DJ Yess & D Crime - Keep It Underground (Instrumental)
DJ Yess & D Crime - Nothings Gonna Stop The Plan (L.P. Instrumental)
DRTYDRDZ - Lezioni Private
Earth  Wind & Fire - C'mon Children
First Choice - Love and Happiness
Kinski - What We Play
Logic Control MC's - Deadly Pursuit (Instrumental)
Marva Whitney - Unwind Yourself
Mo' Horizons - Gonna Be
Mo' Horizons - Tu Fiesta Personal (TM Juke Dub Mix)
Octagon Man - Modern Funk Beats
The Nite-Liters - Nothing  Can Make Me Love You More Than I Do
Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off) (Instrumental)


November 16, 2012

November Breaks 2012

3rd Bass - Word To The Third
A-Ko - Chicago
AlgoRythmiK - AboriJazz
Bruce Broughton - Trick or Treat
Danny Bow - Mirror
Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars (DJ Mila Re-Edit)
Dr. Tree - Eugino D
DRTYDRDZ - Sea Of Green
Dusty - Keep It Raw (Voodoo Romanowskis Voodoo Island Remix)
Ed Lincoln - Eu Nao Vou Mais (Pilizhao Mix)
Elf - Gambler Gambler
First Family - Slow Down
Fourth World - Snake Bite
Goblin - Death Dies
Joe Torres - Get Out Of My Way (Funky Force Santiago Edit)
Kylie Auldist - Ship Inside A Bottle (Funky Force Edit)
Loopmasta - You And Me (Slowed)
Phaze - Indian Rope Man
Piece Of Mind - Join In
Qwazaar & Batsauce - Mind Murder
Raise The Roof! - Crosstown Traffic
Raise The Roof! - Funky Bone
Raise The Roof! - Wild
Shaika Ninja - Le Funk Battle
Shaika Ninja - Lets Scream
Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - Oh, Flute Alors!
Tahuna Breaks - Funky Mama
The Herbaliser - Move As One
The Impellers - Just Enough Rope
The Stance Brothers - Prayer


November 11, 2012

(FIXED AGAIN 11-11-2012) VA - Beats 6 [2012]

AlgoRythmiK - Cantina
Beyond Luck - Industrial Hemp Music
Bias - Weekend Wizard
BoomBaptist - Kentucky Fried Critters
Brock Berrigan - Theme for the Day
Capital D & The Molemen - Mrs. Manley (Instrumental)
Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson - The Precipice
ChromadaData - Intro
Destruments - PickleSkins for Ma
EBO - Dead or in Jail
Equalibrum - MF DOOM - My Favorite Ladys Remix (Instrumental)
Equalibrum - The Sunset
Fat Thumbs Ronnie - Holcomb
Herma Puma - Jollys
Jay Loves Japan - Tribute Golden
Jesse Futerman - One For Irvine
Kadaj Da Kid - Violet Eye
Michita - Plot 4
mikedecline - Sunny
Mr. Moods - Sur la route du jazz
Oddisee - Viva Brasil
Perquisite - I'm Walking(ft)Benjamin Herman
Ryan Stinson - Dissociative
Shin Ski - Soul Believer
The Blue Boy - Remember Me
Thomas Prime - The Moon's Tide
XXL-Beats - Beta Vulgaris

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)
DOWNLOAD (Depositfiles)

October 4, 2012

VA - FTR 8 [2012]

1982 - Thug Poets(ft)Roc Marciano & Havoc
Azad Right - Old School
Charmingly Ghetto - Follow Me
CunninLynguists - Never Know Why (DJ Hazey Remix)
Deacon The Villain & Sheisty Khrist - Million Miles High
Def Letter - Introduction
Destruct & Ideology - Existence
DJ Babu - Cake (Feat. Pete Rock & The U.N.)
DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - Turn Up The Mic (Remix)(ft)Nas
En Stereo - Beast Mode Ft. Ichiban & Deca
Guru - Death of a Swordzman (Poison Flowers Remix)
J. Lately - Sloppy Seconds ft. Samurai Vance
Joell Ortiz - Modern Day Slavery(ft)Immortal Technique
Knaladeus - Let it go feat. Ladyshine
Matlock - God vs Money
MF Doom & Rza - Books Of War
Mono-Massive - Can't Let Go (Figub Brazlevic Remix)
Purpose & Confidence - The Break Down
Queen Latifah - Just Another Day (Analog Remix)
RJD2 - The Good Life(ft)Blueprint
SciFi Stu - What You Wanna Know(ft) John Robinson, Venomous 2000, Tone Liv and Chinch 33
The UN - Get Yo Shit
Weathermen - 5 Left in the clip (RJD2 remix)
Wu Syndicate - Bust A Slug
Wyze Mindz - Blaw (G Bonson Remix)


October 1, 2012

October Breaks 2012 / Minnesota Trip

357 - Ocean's 14th Friend
Alcohol Jazz - No llores
Auditors Domination - Palace Of Light
Benjamin Herman - Durban Poison
Binary Star - Conquistadors
Brock Berrigan - Drunkard's Alley
Carol Kaye - Slick Cat
Chucky Thurmon - Turn It Over
Code M x VEE - Jyounetu Tairiku
Daytoner - Ennio Control
Deadbeats - Pick Me Up
Deeelite - Groove Is In The Heart (Jelly Jam Beats)
Deela - For What You Are (feat. Mango Juice)
Eddie Russ - Take A Look At Yourself
El Shobey & Co - Never Missed What You Got
Elipse - Spica 1968
Everyday People - World
Fat Thumbs Ronnie - Major Minus
Fat Thumbs Ronnie - Two Steps Forward
Fort Minor - Spray Paint And Ink Pens (Instrumental)
Four80East - The Walker
Harold Robbins - Polo Pony
Hearts Of Darkness - Chippin Away
Herma Puma - Jollys (Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra Remix)
Herma Puma - Psyche Out
Kinetic Effect - Borderin' Insanity (Instrumental)
Ray Camacho And The Teardrops - Si Si Puede (Lack Of Afro Remix)
RTPN - Crossfire
Steinski & Mass Media - It's Up To You
Sugarman 3 & Co. with Lee Fields - Shot Down
Teekay (Dragon Fli Empire) - Alyssa Milano


September 2, 2012

September Breaks 2012

Akale Wube - Kasalèfkut Hulu
Alan Wilkis - The Hustle
All City Productions - Bust Your Rhymes
All These Fingers - King Ziplock
Aweron - Ya Ya
Bad Ass Band - Step Out
Bliss N Eso - Down By the River
Boscoe - We Ain't Free
Brownout - Ando y Dando
Bugseed - To Dig.mp3
Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket (Live)
Christopher Young - Get Up & Drive Your Funky Soul
Cross Bronx Expressway - Help Your Brothers
Depth Charge - T.D.A.
Dr. John - Right Place  Wrong Time
Funkshone - Chase The Dream (Interlude)
Funkshone - Getting It Together
Funky DL - The Biggest Record (Instrumental)
Grant Green - Luannas Theme
Groovezone - Eisbaer (Soul Hooligan Mix)
Gunshot - 25 Gun Salute (Instrumental)
Infinitskills - Bas fonds
Krispy 3 - The Sound
Lakeside - It's All The Way Live
Leaders Of The New School - School Connections (Instrumental)
Mista 93 - Who Is Mista 93
Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Immigrant Song
Nomo - My Dear
Reminiscence Quartet - After Hour
Teekay (Dragon Fli Empire) - JELL-O Pudding
The Bamboos - Keep Me In Mind (Flevans Instrumental Remix)
The Bamboos - Keep Me In Mind (Flevans Remix)
TiredEyes - Thorns


August 17, 2012

VA - Beats 5 [2012]

AbnormL Injustice - On Swoll
Booty Thrill - Give Me Love
Booty Thrill - U Turn Me On (ft. @LILTEXAS_)
Cole Blunted - Sellin Candy
Dan Electro - He Gives It To You
David Bocuse - We Make Music
deeB - Blik
Diggs Duke - Something in my Soul
DJ Mentos - Yesterday's Gone (instrumental)
Falside - Street Lights and Knife Fights
Forrest Blunt - Champ
Frenic - Lazy Sunday Stereo
Funky Force - Funky Lover
Hiatus - Gentle Flame
Insightful - Stellar Stare
J Dilla - Requiem With Allan Barnes(Blackbyrds)
Krutty Ranks - Summer Static
KuroiOto - Thursday Friday
Mista 93 - Problems
Nym - Exposition
Prose (Steady & Efeks) - Run For The Hills
Scruffnuk Dust - No one!
Simon Jr. - Risky Business
Suhov - Písz van a tatamin (Instrumental)
TiredEyes - Cosmic Echoes
tunnelno5 - Best Believe
Warren Xclnce - Judgment Day



One of the artists featured on here is Cole Blunted, who is producer/mc from Warsaw, Poland . Should also check out the rest of his work!

an album from Cole Blunted is available here...

August 1, 2012

August Breaks 2012

5ifth Element - N.A.T.O.
AbnormL Injustice - Cool S.mouse!
Alcohol Jazz - No More Funk
ANM - Scientest
Arrested Development - Mama's Always On Stage
Belleruche - 3 Amp Fuse
D.A.M.N. - A Man Of Soul (Instrumental)
Dantelion - Long Road
deStar - Inner Garden Pt. 2 (Genghis Edit)
Freddie Cruger - Baddest Mutha(ft)Desmond Foster
Gunshot - Crime Story (Instrumental)
Hired Gun - Arrest The President
Hydroponic Sound System - Live From BBoy City (Dub Version)
Icebird - Going And Going And Going (RJD2 Remix)
Icebird - Going and Going. And Going
Icebird - Just Love Me
Jazzscapez - Interlude 2 (Genghis Edit)
Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears
Orange Krush - Action
PlasmaPL - Track 4
PlasmaPL - Track 7
Ray J - Right Place, Wrong Time
Ray Lugos LES Express - Love Me Good (Genghis Edit)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Daylight Robbery
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - The Definition Of Funk
Simon Jr. - Martha (Jose Marti International)
Soul Hooligan - Soul Searching
The New Birth - I Can Understand It
The Shaolin Afronauts - End Of A Sun
The Super Supers - Mama Soul
Woody Herman - I Can't Get Next To You


July 23, 2012

VA - FTR7 [2012]

9th Uno - The Machine
Amerigo Gazaway - Who We Are
AZ - New York (Je$u$ Remix)(ft)Raekwon, Ghostface Killah
B One - Verbal Affairs(ft)Extra P
Black Sheep - For The Record
DTMD - 95 Live (ft)Quartermaine
Dylan Golden - Dont Give Up
Epsilon Project - Inspiration
Humble Beast - Soul Tower(ft)Sareem Poems
J57 - Dream Walking(ft)Jon Hope
JBrown & the Mic Smith - Cookin Soul (Cookin' Soul Remix)
Maundz - Zero
Mindsone - Earth Sciences
Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer - Diggin in the Crates (feat. F. Stokes)
Morcheeba - Love Sweet Love(ft)The Roots And Mr. Complex
Ninety One - Fear (Ft. Nicholas Wonder)
Nottz - Turn It Up (feat. Pete Rock)
Rashad & Confidence - The City
Reks - I Ain't Shit
Revolutionary Rhythm - WildStyle
Royce Da 5'9 - Boom (Funky DL Remix)
Slept On Fam - Beginning To End
Thaddeus David - Society
The Seen - Rhyme School
Thomas Prime - Greater Purpose(Remix)(ft)Cise Star
Visioneers - Oil & Water (feat. Notes To Self)


July 8, 2012

Fela Soul

Just from the album title, it is pretty evident what you're in for. A fusion of afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and the great De La Soul. You can't go wrong with afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Produced by Amerigo Gazaway.

Artist: Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul
Album: Fela Soul
Year: 2011
Genre: Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz

01.Stakes is High
02.Trouble In The Water
03.Ooh (feat. Redman)
04.Rock Co.Kane Flow (feat. MF DOOM)
07.Much More (feat Yummy)
09.Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz feat. De La Soul)


July 1, 2012

July Breaks 2012

Check these guys out. A ten piece teenage band from Australia. Some of the founding members were already hip to artists such as James Brown and Eddie Bo since young so you already know they're going to bring something dope. You will most definitely by hearing a lot more from these guys. Can support them on their site.

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (The Expert REMIX)
Afternoons In Stereo - How Does It Feel
Akiko Wada - Buzzing In The Rumba (Genghis Edit)
Basement Skylights - Prologue
Chubb Rock - The Chubbster (Clark's Radio Joint)
De La Soul - You Got It feat. Butta Verses
Deepspace 5 - From The Outside
Deepspace 5 - Lord Willing
Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz - Plan B
Eliot Lipp - The Wolf (Edit)
Flash & The Dynamics - Electric Latin Soul
Flowetic - Off The Leash(ft)Kid Clef
Funk Inc. - Chicken Lickin'
Gonzalez - Gonzalez
Jack Costanza - Quimbara
Janis Joplin - Move Over (Shimi Sonic Remix)
Joanna - Hold Up Inusite
Lettuce - Bowler
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (TM Juke Blend)
Los Mitos - Sonando
Maker - Shooting The Breeze
Malcom Catto - Metropolis
MED - Outta Control(ft)Hodgy Beats
Micranots - Visualistics (Extended Edit)
N-Tense - Raise The Levels Of The Boom (Instrumental Version)
Orelha Negra - 24-7
Palov and Panama Cardoon - Popcorn
Pete Rock - Revenge (Muro Remix Instrumental Edit)
Pete Rock - Warzone (Genghis Edit)
Prime Rhyme Masters - You Need Discipline (Instrumental)
Professor Funk - Love Is Such A Good Thing
Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Barbaro - Here Again
Sophisticated Blue Collars - Not A Lie
Toro Y Moi - Light Black
Visioneers - Jungle Green Outlines


June 23, 2012

VA - Beats 4 [2012]

My bad, I haven't been updating the hip hop and beats stuff. So I threw in few extra than usual.

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Beats 4 (Compiled by: Genghis)
Genre: Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Instrumental
Year: 2012

Action Davis - Rehab.mp3
Aeronautix - Veda Noir (Astroboter & Kabanjak Remix).mp3
Afro Jazz - Mystik (Instrumental)
Anitek - Chewie
Avatar - Error 404.mp3
Basement Skylights - KillingFields
Billy Wright - Summer Love (Beyond There Remix)
Blossom - Tiffkas
BoomBaptist - Brazilian Wax.mp3
Brock Berrigan - Cruise Control.mp3
Buckshot LeFonque - Breakfast At Denny's (Instrumental)
DJ Mitsu The Beats - A Little Piano
Earth, Wind, & Fire - On Your Face (Olek Remix)
Eddie - Late Autumn
Fisto - Friandises (Instrumental)
Groove Cereal -Sound Breakfast(ft)Jenova 7 And Andrew Linn
Hexsagon - Enlightenment
King Zigg Zag - Funk You (Chickenheadz).mp3
Luke B - All or Nothing.mp3
NickNack - Nobody Else.mp3
Pill - Send One Down (Instrumental)
Presto - The Chase.mp3
Protassov - Wake Up.mp3
Savages - You're My Chocolate
Shag - Better
Tarik Sabar - Brand New.mp3
Tensei - Out Of Bounds (Instrumental)
The Allergies - Big Star.mp3
The Jazzual Suspects - Ba Dada
Thomas Prime - The Moon's Tide
Travelling Day - Good Day For a Travelling.mp3
Triz - I Want Your Love.mp3
Vanilla - Believe.mp3
Visioneers - LuAnne From Harlem
Zomblaze - Lovizoke

DOWNLOAD(Mediafire(1of2) (2of2)
DOWNLOAD(Sharebeast(1of2) (2of2)

June 13, 2012

July 14th 2012 - Good Vibez BBoy Jam 3v3 $4500 & $500 Cypher King - DJs Lu-Chi'sz & Fleg (Cincinnati, OH)

Bboyin is something I'm glad to be apart of. It has most definitely impacted my life in so many ways. So I try expand and share this culture that I love to others as much as I can. I do so through inspiration, throwing jams, diggin, sharing music, teaching, providing practice and all kinds of things. I most definitely train hard as well, and I believe everyone gets to a point where their love and understanding for the culture grows and training becomes second nature to them. You can train as hard want but what are you training for? The less understanding of the culture the more likely you're going to quit. Less excuses....Stay training, stay learning and most importantly give back to the community! It's a on going cycle. This is how scene and community grows.


This is an event I am help organizing. Threw one last year and this is going to be the 2nd. It's a lil something I try to do for the scene. Be on the look out for more bigger jams later as well.

 You can go to the facebook event page here.

WHEN: Saturday, July 14, 2012 (3pm-12am)
WHERE: Cincinnati Mills Mall
        600 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240

3 vs 3 Battles for $4500 Cash
Cypher King for $500 Cash

Dj Fleg - Lionz of Zion (Washington D.C.)
Dj Lu-chi'sz - EXG (Holland)

Mijo - Motion Disorderz (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Domkey - Lionz of Zion (Washington D.C)
Atsuki - Team Naruto (Japan)

Exhibition Battle:
(USA) Domkey and Isaiah of Lionz of Zion vs (JPN) Atsuki and Assassin of Team Naruto. Japan formerly Kaiten Ninjas 

The After Party will start around 10PM till at least 2AM at a brand new club in the mall called "Place To Be". I will update again once it gets closer to the opening date. The General Manager of the new club being built at the mall says it's huge and it's gonna be open June 22nd. The crew and I will be doing exhibition battles and passing out flyers for the jam at their opening night, along with other known clubs throughout our city to build up momentum for our jam on July 14th. The current space used to be a club and was the most packed club in Cincinnati years ago. The new owners are gonna make it more packed than it ever was before. It's gonna be crazy.

Also StrifeTV will be in the building!!

Bigger Payouts!
Better Prizes, 
More vendors, and sponsors!

There are nice hotels and places to eat within walking distance all in and around the mall.

Those who are interested in a special trip the 15th, Stay Tuned for Updates!

Bring family and friends to help support the community as a whole.

For those coming from out of town to the Cincinnati area here's some things you can do if planning on make a weekend trip to the area or just looking for stuff to do if you have extra time before or after the jam:

1. We have Paramount King's Island which has some the craziest rollercoasters in America and if enough people plan on going let us know and we can probably work with Kings Island to get everyone cheap group rates. Here's their site check it out it's pretty crazy

2. As for food Cincinnati's known for Cheese Coneys so check out a Skyline or Gold Star Chili you can find them all over the city. There's even one in the mall where the jam is.

3. If anyone wants to try something different, since there was a big wave German immigration to Cincinnati we have Hofbrauhuas which has authentic German food and really good beer they have a giant brewer there. They take their beer very serious here check it out:

4. And if you coming from outta town and wanna not eat out too much and at the same time ready for some complete randomness there's a grocery store yeah a grocery store but it's only 5 minute away pretty much on the same road as the mall and it's the biggest and also the craziest grocery store in America its so crazy its actually been on TV and became a tourist spot. They have a lot of international food, they have weird stuff like rattle snake, a hot sauce section with hundreds of hot sauces some so hot they give you a toothpick to try it.

June 1, 2012

June Breaks 2012

Check this if you haven't already!


[re-jazz] - People Hold On (Metropolitan Jazz Affair Remix)
Acro Jazz Laboratories - There's No Way
Asher Roth - Last Man Standing (Instrumental)
Ballin' Jack - Telling Lies
Binary Star - Conquistadors (Instrumental)
Block Party Shalakers - Summer Strut
Bluesteady Triptik - Apache Footprint
BoomBaptist - Orange Soda
Bronze Nazareth - The Pain (Instrumental)
Brotha Life - The Wreck'a (Wreck Stra Mental Mix)
Chi Coltrane - Hallelujah
Cuefx Band - Cosmic Drive
De La Soul - Big Mouf
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Ahonetwo (Remix)
Diamond District - Make It Clear (Instrumental)
Freedom Or Not - Freedom (Science Force Mix)
Gota & The Low Dog - Live Wired Electro
Johnny Pulse - Load Up On Guns
Kenny Smith And The Maximum Feeling - Skunkie
Laura Vane & Vipertones - Roof Off (Instrumental)
Los Manolos vs Lack Of Afro - Polonio (Lack Of Afro remix)
Puddu Varano - Devil in N.Y.C.
Renato Ducros - Sgambetto
Rhymefest - Breakdance
Savages - Long Distances
Shawn Jackson - Backstage (Instrumental)
Side Effect - Always There
The Allergies - Symphonics
The Funk Ark - Horchata
The Jazzual Suspects - Funkin' Koobad
The Mutants - Serious Mojo
The Mutants - White Trash Trouble Man
The Sound Defects - The Fuzz
Windy City - 1-2-3 RockSteady Funk
Zomblaze - Van Jo Minden Rosszban (Genghis Edit)

DOWNLOAD(Mediafire 1of2) (2of2)
DOWNLOAD(Sharebeast 1of2) (2of2)

May 11, 2012

VA - The 90s Volume 3 [2012]

Artists: Various Artists
Album: The 90s Volume 3 (compiled by Genghis)
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip Hop

Al' Tariq - Think Not
Arrested Development - People Everyday  (Metamorphosis Edit)
Bahamadia - Total Wreck
Call O' Da Wild - Ruffturrain
Cipher - Peeps
Da Phlayva - To Each His Own
Deadwate - Stress
E.C. - Everybody Hood In The Ill
East Flatbush Project - A Madman's Dream
Ed O.G - Get It Right
Ill Brothers Project - Mescaline
Inpsychlopedia Brown - Cold World
Lin Que - Rip It Up (Beatnuts Remix)
Masterminds - Im Talented
Microphone Terrorists - Green Paper
Mind Space - Life Is Foul (Day)
Natural Elements - Shine
Natural Resource - Bum Deal
Naughty By Nature - Clap Yo Hands (Kay Gee Funky Mix)
Puppets of Chaos - Tru Dat
Quannum - Divine Intervention
Street Smartz - Problemz
Thrust - Past, Present, Future
Werd Of Mouph - Show Da World


May 1, 2012

May Breaks 2012

Afronaught - Transcend Me
Big Quarters - C'mon
Black Lodge - Broughton
Chase & Status - Hitz (Genghis Edit)
Chip Wickham - Feelin Alright (Instrumental)
CodeRed - The Sound (Genghis Edit)
Depth Charge - Shaolin Buddha Finger (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
Don Air - Besame Mucho
Dynamic Corvettes - Funky Music Is The Thing Pt. 1&2
Eric B & Rakim - Pass The Hand Grenade
Flash Callahan - Cold Heart
Gazeebo - Search For Drums
Gigliola Cinquetti - Zero In Amore
Gloria Walker & The Chevelles - You Hit The Spot Baby
Gregory James Edition - Love And Happiness
Groove Collective - Buddha Head
Hilltop Hoods - Chase That Feeling (Genghis Edit)
Jamie Finlay - Don't Sleep (Instrumental)
Joe Torres - Get Out Of My Way (Bboy Edit)
Johnny Cash - Doin' My TIme (Heavy Genghis Edit)
Jurassic 5 - Acetate Prophets (UFO Edit)
Lalo Schifrin - Scorpio's View (Parts 2 & 3)
Larry Sanders - Story Of My Love
Luther Allison - K.T.
Malente - For The Revolution (Genghis Edit)
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Get Started (feat. Omar, Sheila E)
Mark Ronson - Pretty Green (Genghis Edit)
Neighbourhood - The Last Dinosaurs
O Rappa - Lado B Lado A
Para It's - The Hornet
Polos Opuestos - Smartypants
Primal Scream - Revenge of the Hammond Connection
Protassov - Cruise Control (ft)The Jungle Brothers
Styly Cee - Serpico Raps (Genghis Edit)
T Bird - Living This Life to Death
The Beekeepers - Queen Bee (feat. Mystro)
Yasmin - On My Own (Genghis Edit)



DOWNLOAD(Sharebeast 1of2) (2of2)
DOWNLOAD(Mediafire 1of2) (2of2)

April 24, 2012

VA - FTR 6 [2012]

Artists: Various Artists
Album: FTR 6 (Compiled by Genghis, Samnang)
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip Hop

9th Wonder - Band Practice (feat. Phonte)
Cityreal - Midnight Sun
Collective Efforts - This Far
Crown City Rockers - Disturbing Behavior
Diverge and Ethix - My Day(ft)Pep Love
God Cypher Divine - Dragon Ball Z
Grynch - Perspective
Hugh Augustine The MC - Henny Keeps Me Bent
Kam Moye - Blue Skies
Kurtis Stanley & Dirty Cabin - I'm Good
Luke Sick & Ninski - This Is Chemistry
M-Phazes - Perfect Timing(ft)CL Smooth & Skyzoo (Phazed Out Remix)
Nefew - Can't Stop Won't Stop
Pacewon - I Declare War
PFM & Iron Ora - Pomegranate Sunset
Prince Ali - The Mental
Rakaa Iriscience - Caution
Redman - The Saga Continues (King Zigg Zag Remix)
ScienZe & King I Divine - Welcome feat. Jazz Horn
Self Taught - Fly Away
Sharp - Intro (The Volume)
The Tones - Dreamtalk
The Weathermen - Volume
Think Twice - Supernova(ft)Coates


April 1, 2012

April Breaks 2012

Strictly funk and soul. Enjoy!

Ace Cannon - Soul For Sale
Cross Bronx Expressway - Help Your Brothers
Earth, Wind, & Fire - Power
Eddie Roberts & The Fire Eaters - Workout
Exile 1 - Funky Crookie
Fred Leslie's Missing Link - Stick Your Beak In
Gonzalez - Funky Frith Street
Incognito - Rivers On The Sun
Jojo Lexplosif - Dig It Babe
Locomotiv GT - Rock Yourself Away
Mercy Sluts - Banana Republic
Nicole Willis - You Better Change
Olympic - Brouk
Original Tropicana Steel Band - Funky Abbey Road
Perfect Circle - The Hands Of Time
Randy Skinner - Wah
Rasputin's Stash - What's On Your Mind
Richard Terry & Company - Instrumental #
Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul (part 2)
Root Soul - Moog Rock
Sly & The Family Stone - Love City (Edit)
The Apples - Thang
The Philly Groove Orchestra - So Long Goodbye It's Over
The Sixth Sense - Don't Knock My Love
The Voices Of East Harlem - Right On Be Free
The White Russian - Outland
Third Coast Kings - Summalove (Genghis Edit)
Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - Cosmic Exotica
Young Holt Unlimited - Yes We Can Can
Zalatnay - Zold Borostyan
Zodiacs - Hey Rugh Nut

DOWNLOAD(Mediafire (1of2) (2of2)
DOWNLOAD(Crocko (1of2) ( 2of2)

March 17, 2012

VA - The 90s Volume 2

Artists: Various
Album: The 90s: Volume 2 (Compiled by Genghis)
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2012

Buckshot LeFonque - No Pain, No Gain (Salaam Remi Remix)
Derelect Camp - Hold-On
E.T.`z (Evil Twinz) - Ray Came True
Easy Mo Bee - The Points
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - As Long As You Know (Poisonous Mix)
Encore - Think Twice
EPMD - Rampage (Hardcore To The Head Mix)
Finsta Buddy - Where Ya At
Gab Gotcha - Angels
Guru - Feel The Music
Jemini The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids
Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Pape
Jigmastas - Don't Get It Twisted(ft)Sadat X
Jungle Brothers - Brain
K- Solo - Rockin' For My Hometown
King Sun - Cold New Yorkin'
Mad Skillz - Unseen World
Max & Sam - Young Man Rumble (Smooth Phillu Style Mix)
Mister Voodoo - Hemlock
Mister Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics
Pete Rock And CL Smooth - Death Becomes You(ft)YG'z
Real Live - The Gimmicks
Royal Fam - Hidden Chambers
Royal Flush - Smoke Session(ft)Channel One & Mic Geronimo
The Beatnuts - Look Around(ft)Dead Prez, Cheryl Pepsi Riley
Troubleneck Brothers - Rockin' In Harmony
Urban Thermo Dynamics - My Kung-Fu

March 11, 2012

VA - Beats 3

Most are laid back jazzy beats.

Artist: Various Artists (Compiled by Genghis)
Album: Beats 3
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Instrumental
Year: 2012

Antifaz - Sabila
Blee - Definition of Ill
Canya Reial - Hempstar
Concept - Undefeated
Czarny Wladek - Spotkamy sie za rok
David Bocuse - Let's Make A Baby
Dela - 1 Second Time Machine
Diego Bernal - Blue Neon
DJ Concept - Let The Beat Infect Your Mind
Evan Awake - Break Free
Gangrene - Vodka & Ayahuasca (Instrumental)
Ghost - Way You Feel
Jenova 7 - Just Chill
Juj - Floater
Mad Skillz - Together (Instrumental)
Marcus D & Funky DL - Don`t Hold Ya Breath (Instrumental)
masterclass - Love Quest
Nujabes - Blessing It (Remix Instrumental)
Oddisee - Long Time Coming (Instrumental)
Royal Fam - Hidden Chambers (Instrumental)
Smokey Bandits - Smoke From The Attic
Suhnraw - Dust
The Doppelgangaz - Skin Flute
Think Twice & David Ryshpan - Mango Tree
Yppah - Phoenix By Midnight

March 1, 2012

March Breaks 2012

All broken links are fixed. I don't know what happened to Rapidshare but it is extra slow now. So I would only go to that as a last resort.

Afro Soultet - Afrodesia
Alamo - Get The Feelin'
Andy Taylor - Know Your Place
B Stroller - Design
Bixiga 70 - Balboa Dub
Bjame Rostvold And Perry Knudsed - Magonde
Blue Rhythm Combo - BRC's Groove
Buck 65 - Lipstick (Instrumental)
Cortex - Mister J.mp3
Crookram - Biggles
Divine Styler - Time Fold 79 (Instrumental)
Elephant Armada - Third World Utopia (DJ Mighty Moves B-boy Edit)
EN-KI - Extinction (Extended Edit)
Hiroshi Fukumura & Sadao Watanabe - Captain Caribe
MFS Brother - Vitamin C
Mombasa - Yenyeri
Mr. Chop - Brainticket
Mr. President - It's Christmas Time (Genghis Edit)
MRR-ADM & Malcolm Catto - 012
Omar Rokshid - N'Break (DJ Marrrtin Edit)
Preston Love - Pot Likker
Roman Andren - You Can Do It
S.O.U.L. - Get Ready
Soft Lipa & Jabber Loop - 鑽牙者(Genghis Edit)
The Beekeepers - Queen Bee (Genghis Edit)
The East Coast Connection - Summer In The Parks
The Narcoleptics Dancers - In The Dark (Genghis Edit)
The Third Degree - Mercy (Greg Wilson Edit)
Virgil Howe & Mark Claydon - The Claydon Break
Wake&Bake! - Agent's Stagger

DOWNLOAD(Sharebeast 1of2) (2of2) [NOTE:divided since Mediafire has 200mb limit]
DOWNLOAD(Mediafire 1of2) (2of2) [NOTE:divided since Mediafire has 200mb limit]

I had one of Mighty Moves tracks on my post, yall should check out his other works. Dope!

February 23, 2012

Hijack - Compilation


Artist: Hijack
Genre: UK Hip Hop, Breaks

Hijack - Airwave Hijack (Part 1)
Hijack - Brother Versus Brother
Hijack - Doomsday Of Rap (Instrumental)
Hijack - Doomsday Of Rap
Hijack - Hijack the Terrorist Group
Hijack - Hold No Hostage (Instrumental)
Hijack - Hold No Hostage
Hijack - Intro, Phantom of the Opera
Hijack - Style Warriors Revenge
Hijack - Style Wars (Instrumental)
Hijack - Style Wars
Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin (Instrumental)
Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin
Hijack - The Contract
Hijack - The Syndicate Outta Jail

February 14, 2012


So Filesonic, Turbobit, Megaupload, and now Multiupload are no longer working. Multiupload is what all my uploads have been on so I will have to re-upload everything again. All the links will be fixed within a few days. I will update on which links are fixed on the comment box. I will be using Mediafire, Depositfile, Sendspace and Hulkshare. Who knows how long these servers will be up till they get shut down as well.

Enjoy some soul.

February 7, 2012

VA - FTR 5 [2012]

Last update of the hip hop series for awhile.
Alot of bboys don't even really listen to hip hop, mainly the young ones. They are into that wack radio bullshi... Or they are only familiar with artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Talib, Common, The Roots. There is so much more real hip hop out there than that. That is one of the reasons I made this series.

Artist: Various Artists (Compiled by Samnang..Genghis)
Album: FTR5
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul
Year: 2012

Aim - The Force(ft)QNC
Braille - Step It Up
Buckshot LeFonque - Black Monday(ft)Guru
Collective Efforts - Until My Lifes Gone (over Nomak - Doze Off)
Dela - Go On(ft)Reach
Dr. MaD - 1ceAgain(ft)A Tribe Called Quest
Focus - UH! [feat. Phonte]
Foreign Legion - Fast and Loose
Insight - Freedom Of Speech
J Rawls - Are You Listening(ft)Edo G, Bad Azz, Copywrite, DJ Rhettmatic
Kooley High - Kooley Is High
Linus Stubbs - Boil That Oil
Magnificent Ruffians - Do Wrong(ft) Masta Ace
Marco Polo - The Bridge (ft)Promise
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Lose It (In The End)(ft)Ghostface Killah
Mono-Massive - Corncobs (Japandrew Remix)
Pete Rock And Smif-N-Wessun - Do It(ft)Hurricane G
Rakaa Iriscience - Human Nature (Now Breathe) Feat. KRS One
The Cold Cuts - Champagne Wishes
The Extremities - Dial Tones(ft)Lushlife, Ghettosocks, Ambition)
The GMC - Intro Spective
The Physics - High Society
The Verbal Surgeon & Danny Dubz - Thankful
Tyler Durand - Just Like You

February 1, 2012

February Breaks 2012

Sorry if I got some repeats. I try to use the search bar to make sure there are none but it doesn't always work right. And just to be safe, I will start having an alternate link since Megaupload, Filesonic, & Fileserve have been shut down you never know.

AIFF - Let It Roll
Alessandro Alessandroni - Fuga Nei Sotterranei
Alliance Ethnik - Demi Tour Vers Le Futur
Ambros Seelos - Guma
Angelo & Eighteen - Flight 2
B.Stoller - Design
Gamith - Darkness
Grip Grand & DJ MF Shalem - Y'all Fail (Genghis Edit)
Hayz - Puppetstring (Genghis Edit)
Homelife - Harder (Genghis Edit)
Hugh Masekela - Ashiko
Ill-Advised - Dirty Harry Meets The Wu (Mild Calm mix)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - L.T.D.(Genghis Edit)
Killa Instinct - The Noose Around Your Neck (Genghis Edit)
King Sun - Pure Energy (Genghis Extended Edit)
Lefties Soul Connection - Freaky Frankie (Genghis Edit)
Lettuce - Move On Up(ft)Dwele
Lightheaded - In The Building
Lil' Lavair & The Fabulous Jades - Cold Heat
London Funk Allstars - Sure Shot.mp3
London Posse - Gangster Chronicle (DSK Remix)(Genghis Edit)
Lucek Oblatywacz - Mgla Spowila Endor
Magnum - It's The Music That Makes Us Do It (Genghis Edit)
Memphis Black - Hang 'Em High (Chadeo Re-Edit)
Radiohead - Where I End And You Begin (Drum Edit)
Shing02 - 3min Drill
Steven Perri And Zamaun - Street Scene
Style Cee & Cappo - Throwdown (Genghis Edit)
The Killergroove Formula - Peter Gunn (Turntable Detective)
The Mighty Underdogs - UFC(ft)DJ Shadow
Uniquetunes - Slow Down
Zeph And Azeem - Everything Different (Genghis Edit)

January 27, 2012

Howard Zinn Day

I know I usually just put up music and don't say much else but thought this was worth mentioning . And since the day marks 3 years after Zinn's passing thought it would be a great opportunity to share this. First of all it's not really a day but it should be. If you have never heard of the Zinn and you got time to play video games, watch football, or do something else. Please take some time to pick up one of his books like "People's History Of The United States". Or if you're just one of those that simply do not do books, then here's a video for you.

(here's a great article taken from nytimes)

Howard Zinn, historian and shipyard worker, civil rights activist and World War II bombardier, and author of “A People’s History of the United States,” a best seller that inspired a generation of high school and college students to rethink American history, died Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 87 and lived in Auburndale, Mass.

Associated Press

Howard Zinn

The cause was a heart attack, which he had while swimming, his family said.

Proudly, unabashedly radical, with a mop of white hair and bushy eyebrows and an impish smile, Mr. Zinn, who retired from the history faculty atBoston University two decades ago, delighted in debating ideological foes, not the least his own college president, and in lancing what he considered platitudes, not the least that American history was a heroic march toward democracy.

Almost an oddity at first, with a printing of just 4,000 in 1980, “A People’s History of the United States” has sold nearly two million copies. To describe it as a revisionist account is to risk understatement. A conventional historical account held no allure; he concentrated on what he saw as the genocidal depredations ofChristopher Columbus, the blood lust of Theodore Roosevelt and the racial failings ofAbraham Lincoln. He also shined an insistent light on the revolutionary struggles of impoverished farmers, feminists, laborers and resisters of slavery and war.

Such stories are more often recounted in textbooks today; they were not at the time.

“Our nation had gone through an awful lot — the Vietnam War, civil rights, Watergate — yet the textbooks offered the same fundamental nationalist glorification of country,” Mr. Zinn recalled in a recent interview with The New York Times. “I got the sense that people were hungry for a different, more honest take.”

In a book review in The Times, the historian Eric Foner wrote of the book that “historians may well view it as a step toward a coherent new version of American history.” But many historians, even those of liberal bent, took a more skeptical view.

“What Zinn did was bring history writing out of the academy, and he undid much of the frankly biased and prejudiced views that came before it,” said Sean Wilentz, a professor of history at Princeton University. “But he’s a popularizer, and his view of history is topsy-turvy, turning old villains into heroes, and after a while the glow gets unreal.”

That criticism barely raised a hair on Mr. Zinn’s neck. “It’s not an unbiased account; so what?” he said in the Times interview. “If you look at history from the perspective of the slaughtered and mutilated, it’s a different story.”

Few historians succeeded in passing so completely through the academic membrane into popular culture. He gained admiring mention in the movie “Good Will Hunting”; Matt Damon appeared in a History Channel documentary about him; and Bruce Springsteensaid the starkest of his many albums, “Nebraska,” drew inspiration in part from Mr. Zinn’s writings.

Born Aug. 24, 1922, Howard Zinn grew up in New York City. His parents were Jewish immigrants, and his father ran candy stores during the Depression without much success.

“We moved a lot, one step ahead of the landlord,” Mr. Zinn recalled. “I lived in all of Brooklyn’s best slums.”

He graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and became a pipe fitter in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where he met his future wife, Roslyn Shechter. Raised on Charles Dickens, he later added Karl Marx to his reading, organized labor rallies and got decked by a billy-club-wielding cop.

He joined the Army Air Corps in 1943, eager to fight the fascists, and became a bombardier in a B-17. He watched his bombs rain down and, when he returned to New York, deposited his medals in an envelope and wrote, “Never Again.”

“I would not deny that war had a certain moral core, but that made it easier for Americans to treat all subsequent wars with a kind of glow,” Mr. Zinn said. “Every enemy becomesHitler.”

He and his wife lived in a rat-infested basement apartment as he dug ditches and worked in a brewery. Later they moved to public housing and he went to college on the G.I. Bill.

He earned a B.A. at New York University and master’s and doctoral degrees at Columbia University. In 1956, he landed a job at Spelman College, a historically black women’s college, as chairman of the history department. Among his students were Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund; Alice Walker, the novelist; and the singer and composer Bernice Johnson Reagon.

Mr. Zinn served on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and marched for civil rights with his students, which angered Spelman’s president.

“I was fired for insubordination,” Mr. Zinn recalled. “Which happened to be true.”

Mr. Zinn moved to Boston University in 1964. He traveled with the Rev. Daniel Berrigan to Hanoi to receive prisoners released by the North Vietnamese, and produced the antiwar books “Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal” (1967) and “Disobedience and Democracy” (1968).

He waged a war of attrition with Boston University’s president at the time, John Silber, a political conservative. Mr. Zinn twice organized faculty votes to oust Mr. Silber, and Mr. Silber returned the favor, saying the professor was a sterling example of those who would “poison the well of academe.”

Mr. Zinn’s book “La Guardia in Congress” (1959) won the American Historical Association’s Albert J. Beveridge Award. “A publisher went so far as to publish my quotations, which my wife thought was ridiculous,” Mr. Zinn said. “She said, ‘What are you, the pope or Mao Zedong?’ ”

Mr. Zinn retired in 1988, concluding his last class early so he could join a picket line. He invited his students to join him.

Mr. Zinn wrote three plays: “Daughter of Venus,” “Marx in Soho” and “Emma,” about the life of the anarchist Emma Goldman. All have been produced. His last article was a rather bleak assessment of President Obama for The Nation. “I’ve been searching hard for a highlight,” he wrote.

Rosyln Zinn died in 2008. Mr. Zinn is survived by a daughter, Myla Kabat-Zinn of Lexington, Mass.; a son, Jeff Zinn, of Wellfleet, Mass.; and five grandchildren.

Mr. Zinn spoke recently of more work to come. The title of his memoir, he noted, best described his personal philosophy: “You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train.”

January 21, 2012

VA - Beats 2 [2012]

: Various Artists
Album: Beats 2 (compiled by Genghis)
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip Hop, Instrumental, Jazz

Ackryte - Dragon Chase
Ancient Astronauts - I Came Running
Ancient Astronauts - Still a Soldier
Buddha Brand - 人間發電所 (Instrumental)
Comfort Fit - The Hunt
Double X Posse - Money Talks Instrumental
Dr. MaD - Off The Top (Instrumental)
Fisto - Erreur De Casting (Instrumental)
Frenic - Get Out of Dodge
Ghost - The day After
JK Soul - Down The Streetz
JS aka The Best - Love Affair
King Most - Sun Fran To Tokyo
Kuddie Fresh - Love's Revenge
Louis Mackey - Destroyer of All Things
Lucek Oblatywacz - W Glowie Klebia Sie Marzenia
Michita - Windmill
Nomak - Open Out
Presto - Adi adwards
Subrok Mission - The Duke
The Doppelgangaz - Creatures
Think Twice & David Ryshpan - Under The Hood
uhoh - Sweep City
Voldmars - Road to Load

January 16, 2012

VA - FTR 4 [2012]

Artists: Various Artists
Album: Fuck The Radio Pt. 4
Year: 2012
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz

5ive & 13irteen - OnGoing
Blue Scholars - Big Bank Hank
Dr. MaD - Off The Top (ft)Aphyliated & Hakeem.mp3
Dr. MaD - Purple(ft)Jonathan Emile
Eastern Sunz - Up In Flames (featuring Smoke)
Edan - Run That Shit
Grip Grand - Paper Cup (ft)Percee P
Jazz Addixx - H-i-p-h-o-p
Main Flow & Rebels To The Grain - Something To Build
Nujabes - Sky is Falling (ft)CL Smooth
Repeat Pattern and Broke (vox) - Always Behind
Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told
Shad - Rose Garden (Remix) (ft)Donwill & Von Pea
Sharlok Poems - Blooming Sounds
The 49ers - Universal Language Ft. 2 Mo'key Of Stilla-Mode
The Last Days Of Disco - My Heart (My City)(ft)Caspian Blest & Cee Rock
The Program - Day Dreaming
The Regiment - Old School Vibe
Truthlive - It's Easy
Typical Cats - Thin Red Line
UllNevaNo & Apollo Brown - Importance (ft)Rome Cee

January 2, 2012

January Breaks 2012!

Happy New Year!

(Note:There is a hidden track not listed on here for a reason)

24K - We Have No Enemies (Genghis Edit)
Ancient Astronauts - 36 Hours
Atomic Rooster - Decline And Fall (Genghis Edit)
Ben Sidran - Poor Girl (Genghis Edit)
Caballo Vapor - Busco El Sol, No Se Donde Voy (Genghis Edit)
Carlton Basco - Don't Chain My Soul (Genghis Edit)
Caveman - Positive Reaction (Genghis Extended Edit)
Chris Joss - Get Cloned (Genghis Edit)
Color Climax - Crabwalk (Extended Edit)
DJ Food- Magpie Music (Genghis Edit)
Donald Byrd - You Are The World
Dynasty - Here I Am (Genghis Edit)
Eric B. & Rakim - Run For Cover (Genghis Extended Edit)
Finsta - Payday Is Bliss (Genghis Edit)
Gagle - Age Of Freedom (Genghis Edit)
Gagle - Akai Shadow
Ghost - It's All Love
Herbie Flowers & Barry Morgan - Movement 1
Hiromasa Suzuki His Orchestra & The Colgen Band - Scraper (cover song)
Kashmere Stage Band - I Wish (Todd Terry Remix)
Keno 1 & The Hermit - Heavy Heavy
L.L. Groove - Jungle Tobacco
Lonnie O - Dream On
New World - The World Today (Edit)
Otis Funkmeyer - You Hit The Spot
Ray Lugos LES Express - Love Me Good (Genghis Edit)
Samba To Kiki (Genghis Edit)
Sarah Webster Fabio - Alchemy (Instrumental)
Spirit of Atlanta - Vine City
Styly Cee & Cappo - Tell Them (Instrumental)
Styly Cee & Cappo - Unwritten Rule (Instrumental)
The Band Needs To Warm Back Up (Genghis Edit)
The Cinematic Orchestra - Work It! (Man With The Movie Camera)(Edit)
The Fabulous Mark III - Psycho (Genghis Edit)
The Third Degree - Mercy (Edit)
TheWHOevers - Take A Ride (Genghis Edit)
Tom Ze - Dor E Dor (Genghis Edit)
Tuff Crew - Old School Jackin
Voldmars - Mongorian Drummer
War - Flying Machine

Leave ya with a video. Any clip with dope music, scenary and some dancin is always good to watch.