May 10, 2011

Hannibal King - Villains Gone Bad I & II

Should have posted this earlier. For sure added to some of my favorited hip hop beats

Artist: Hannibal King
Album: Villains Gone Bad II: Kill Superman
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Instrumental
Year: 2010

01. Just Like in the Movies
02. Summer in the City
03. Strawberry Papers
04. Mango
05. Understanding
06. Two More Beers
07. Loyalty
08. Dream Killers and Broken Hearted Niggas
09. Jeitoso
10. Moto Moto
11. Good Jane
12. Time For Love
13. Love My Style
14. Ex Lover
15. Slow Down
16. Chasing
17. Sounds Like L.A
18. Just In Case
19. Truth, Life and Love
20. Regrets
21. Lonely Nights


Artist: Hannibal King
Album: Villains Gone Bad I: Beat Tape
Genre: Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Instrumental
Year: 2010

01 Dick Dastardly (Intro)
02 Villains
03 All Over
04 Evil Minds
05 Love March
06 No
07 Lam (Runnin)
08 Operation Roadblock
09 (un)Happy Days
10 Piece of Mind
11 The King (NoDoubt)
12 Vietnam (TheCity)
13 Star Wars
14 Back Again

May 1, 2011

May Breaks 2011

Big Band Katowice - Madrox
Black Moon - Funk It Up (Instrumental)
Bobby Blackbird and The Bluejays - The Bluejays Theme
Bronx River Parkway - Song For Ray (Speed up)
Czarny Wladek & Lucek Oblatywa - Czwarty Moment(Moze Jutro)
Dave Cortez - Happy Soul With A Hook (DJ Format Remix)
Dennis Coffey - Some Like It Hot (Edit)
DJ Format - Rap Machine(ft)Abdominal
Dymenjazz - Instrumental Beat de Jazz
Ebony Rhythm Band - Drugs Aint Cool
HE3 Project - Funk Punk (Instrumental)
Jet Peks - Nauseating
Joe Bataan - Chick-a-Boom (Danny Massure edit)
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Wanted- Dead Or Alive (Remix Instrumental)
Mo Horizons - Don't Bring Me Down
Mr. Confuse - Lookout Weelkend (Lack Of Afro Deep Funk Mix)
Richard Groove Holmes - Dumpy Mama
Richard Groove Holmes - Trouble On The Mountain (DJ Vajra Remix)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Old Sweat
Shirosky - Outro (Announced. Bliss-J)
Stereotypes - Funky Types
The Budos Band - Aynotchesh Yererfu (Danny Massure edit)