March 29, 2011

Stone Detectives - Sendai Selections (Japan Fundraiser) [2011]

Some nice jazzy hip hop beats. I bought an album. You should too

It's time to take real action! Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan presents the fund raising project "Sendai Selections" with music by Stone Detectives.

Buy the CD now and receive a 20-track album of unreleased music by a duo from the Netherlands and Canada.

Every dollar you spend will go to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Response to support efforts to rebuild Japan for now and into the future.

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March 1, 2011

March Breaks 2011

This one has alot of old school hip hop instrumentals and couple songs which suck for a whole 3-4 minutes then got a nice beat for about 15-40 seconds...which is called a break enjoy! lol

Carol Kim - Cai Tram Em Cai
Cochemea Gastelum - Arrow's Theme
Cypress Hill - The Phuncky Feel One (Instrumental)
DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Lions In The Forrest (feat. B-Real)
Electro Deluxe - Talking About Good Love... feat. NYR
EPMD - I'm Housin(Instrumental)
Floyd Lawson and the Hearts of Stone - K-Gee
Fulgeance - Tribute to Masekela (Fulgeance Bicoquet edit)
Funky Destination - Funky Thang
Grant Green - Let The Music Take Your Mind
Jackson 5 - Hum Along And Dance
Johnny Pluse - 33 And A Third
Johnny Pluse - Dats Wicked Man
Max & Sam - Young Man Rumble (Original Instrumental)
Method Man - Bring the Pain (Instrumental)
Most Wanted - Calm Down (Instrumental)
N.W.A. - 100 Miles And Runnin'
Nile Kings - Dropping Bombs (Instrumental)
Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter (Remix)
Percee P & Ekim - Bonus Beats
Percee P & Ekim - Puttin Heads To Bed
Pharcyde - Officer (Instrumental)
Souleance - One Step
Sport G & Mastermind - Live (Instrumental)
The Dismasters - Small Time Hustler (Instrumental)
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (feat The Dap-Kings Horns)
The Mighty Mocambos - Calling The Shot
The NiteLiters - Cowboy
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - The Journey To Serra Da Estrela (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
The Qualitons - Kekfeny
The Qualitons - More Plutonium
The Soultwisters - Soulpudding
Trigger Tha Gambler - Bust(ft)Smoothe Da Hustler & D.V. Alias Khryst
Zz Top - It's Only Love


Also wanted to add a lil somethin. From the mans Fishboogie. this shit right here is raw!
if you like this you can check out more from him, just go here...